“I now want to use science in my future”


Gateway to the Great Outdoors is looking to partner with new schools in the St. Louis, Fort WorthChicago, and Detroit area. Our program teaches students about outdoorsmanship, natural sciences, and life-skills. The curriculum is adaptable, and we want to work with your school so that it matches your school’s STEM curriculum.

In the past, students have learned outdoor skills such as how to use a compass, set up a tent and cook over a campfire. We have also taught them about sustainability, recycling, and the principles of leave no trace. While partnering with schools, we are able to enrich and review topics learned in the science classroom. We have created lessons about Missouri’s native plants, the water cycle, animals, and geology while partnering with science teachers.


If your school is interested in working with Gateway to the Great outdoors contact Nadav@gatewayoutdoors.org